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Seattle Happy Places Map

Seattle Happy Places is an invitation to be present and recognize places that bring happiness. Good design evokes feelings of calm, wonder, and inspiration. In marking these places on a map and by sharing images of these places through social media, the larger Seattle community can help us celebrate these under-appreciated places where design has brought joy. It is about the present and thinking about the future. This initiative is made possible in some ways by the time we are in, and creates a memory of this period in the form of a map.

This project was developed for the 2020 Seattle Design Festival in partnership with the 2020 Changemakers Series, an initiative from AIGA Seattle, reflecting on this year's theme of Mental Health.

Get your Happy Points on the Map!

Connect with us on Instagram @SeattleHappyPlaces! Post your Happy Point and tag us, or use the hashtag #seattlehappyplaces. Include the rough or exact coordinates, and we will add your Happy Point the to Map! You can also reach out to us and send us your Happy Points by emailing

How do I find Happy Points?

All Happy Points must be accessible to the public, but they can be found anywhere! Look around your neighborhood or in a local park. Think about a local business or community organization that makes you happy. 

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